Two things I get excited about when reading this:

1. The rush to build appchains is going to end with a lot of apps overreaching and realizing they can't generate enough sequencer revenues to cover infrastructure costs and can't attract enough of an economy to justify sovereign blockspace. This seems like a better intermediate solution where apps get some control over sequencing.

2. Curious why this is execution abstraction not sequencing abstraction?

3. This is paving the way to more transparent sequencing rules. As apps move to their own rollups, they may be able to implement custom sequencing rules that protect them from MEV (e.g., World Chain) but these will be opaque and now invert trust back to the users of the rollup and other tenants.

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1. You're right; the rush to build appchains may lead to apps overextending themselves and needing help to generate sufficient sequencer revenues or attract a working economy. However, Atlas offers a more balanced approach, giving apps control over sequencing without a separate infrastructure. Atlas does seem like a powerful intermediate solution for apps seeking control over sequencing, but it does not negate the value of appchains in the right circumstances.

2. Execution Abstraction is more than just sequencing by defining the broader context in which operations are executed, such as pre-and post-conditions and the relationships between operations within the same transaction. "Sequencing Abstraction" would only capture a subset of what Atlas enables, whereas Execution Abstraction more accurately reflects the comprehensive nature of the protocol.

3. You make a fair point. However, let's consider the broader context. I don't think all custom sequencing rules will necessarily be opaque. Some may eventually open-source their algorithms, provide documentation, or use third-party audits to enhance transparency and demonstrate fairness. So, some may prioritize transparency, and others may face pressure to improve their practices to remain competitive.

- Arhat

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Got it so there are execution hooks just like in CowSwap. Makes sense, so we’re also affecting the “derivation” function in roll ups.

Agree on sequencer transparency, there’s already some interesting research happening.

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